Thursday, September 21, 2006

Setting a Spooky Table

A spooky tablescape can set the perfect mood when entertaining. Whether you plan an eerily elegant dinner or a fun costume party for kids or "groan"-ups, these ideas are sure to be a hit.

There are a wide variety of Halloween-themed tablecloths on the market, but most are the vinyl variety and too cutesy for my taste. One of my favorite table cloths came from having some extra cheese cloth around the house.

I started with a piece of cheese cloth just big enough to fit on my table. I brewed some strong coffee (tea works as well) and soaked the cheese cloth in the brew. I let the cloth dry for a few hours and then make random cuts and tears to simulate old, decayed thread-bare fabric. The table cloth looks nice over a dark colored under-cloth.

These coffin-shaped utensil holders add a perfect haunted feel to the table. You can use them for silverware if you are serving food to your guest’s buffet-style, but they also make great boxes for party favors.

There are a million different centerpieces for a Halloween table, but nothing set the mood for me like candles. Illuminations has a nice selection of Halloween and fall themed candles and accessories. Two of my favorites this year are the Spooky Candelabra,

and the Floating Skull Centerpiece,

No party would be complete without the food! For the largest collection of Halloween recipes I've some across online, be sure to check out Halloween Food Group on Yahoo Groups. Also, Martha Stewart has a great collection of drink recipes for all ages. Last year, I opted to buy Vampire Wine from Vampire Vineyards. While I didn't love this wine, it was a fun wine to have for Halloween, and I saved the bottles for decorating this year.

Happy haunting!
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chris said...

I just found this blog and I know it's been a few years .... but is this "illuminations" you refer to still around .... I have searched for years for candlesticks ... I LOVED them ....