Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eerie Elegance Book Review

I received my copy of Eerie Elegancea few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to write a review. Things have been busy, but I finally have a moment to write about it.

First, I am so happy that Britta had the opportunity to write a book. She has generously shared her Halloween ideas on her website and has always kindly answered the few emails I've sent her in the past. Now, her knowledge and creativity are right at my fingertips. I adore this book. There are ideas for everyone, from the novice to experienced haunter. There were many time while reading the book that I thought to myself, "What a great idea. I would have never thought to do it like that!" Her descriptions and instructions are well written and easy to follow. I've been inspired by many of her Halloween decorations and recipes over the years, and now that I have to book, I see many more years of inspiration to come. Thanks, Britta!

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Monday, September 22, 2008


I am a huge Penn & Teller fan. Naturally, I was very excited to find these two short films starring Teller that tell the story of survival after a zombie epidemic breaks out in Las Vegas. They are wonderfully done.

From Crackle: & Teller

From Crackle: & Teller 2

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome Halloween Books

I stumbled upon this Halloween book how-to from Dave Lowe Designs. He also has some other pretty cool Halloween goodies, like this lab prop, but I needed some new books for my witch.

I wanted to make two books; one for spells and one for potions. I looked through a box of books intended for the thrift store and found two I thought would work.

I decided the book of potions would have a skull on it, so I sketched out a simplified skull on to a piece of cardboard and cut it out with my craft knife.

For the book of spells, I rummaged around in my scrapbook supplies and found a wooden bat and some tag holders to use for the labels.

Then, with some Mod Podge, I decoupaged some white paper towels over the shapes. Mod Podge is water proof, and that's good since I plan on having these on the porch.
After they were dry, I painted them and added these little scrapbook embellishments. Now, mine aren't nearly as cool as Dave Lowe's, but he's an artist and I'm a geologist, but I'm please with how they turned out!

© 2008 Haunted Yard

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eerie Elegance

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a recipe for witch's finger cookies at Britta Peterson's website. I became a fan of her website, and loved reading about her Halloween and other themed parties.

So, I was thrilled to find an announcement in my inbox this evening for Britta's first Halloween book, Eerie Elegance.

I've already placed my order, of course. The book is for sale here and will also be available through Amazon soon. Be sure to check out the website for more information. Oh, I love the blinking eyes on the "Beware the Brocade" background!

I've found tons of inspiration from Britta, so I wish her the best of luck with her book.

As for my progress this weekend, I began corpsing (I like to verb nouns!) a blow mold plastic skeleton (also known as a Blucky). I'll have pictures soon!
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Halloween is in the air!

Labor Day weekend is always the opening of the Halloween season for me. Granted, I've been devouring any and all fall catalogs that land in my mailbox and I've been shopping online (which I'll be writing about later) and jotting down ideas all summer, but I don't actually start any project until Labor Day weekend. Except this Labor Day weekend, that it. The weather was cool and rainy, which I love, but didn't allow me to work on projects outside like I had hoped.

Since I was stuck in the house, I ventured downstairs (where there are real-life spiders! EEK!) and began sorting boxes of indoor decorations. I took inventory and set aside those items that needed some repair or re-working. Of course, the cats had to inspect what I was doing.

I also decided to make some Halloween jewelry for myself this year. I've been having too much fun shopping on Etsy for supplies. Recently, I bought some amazing lampwork beads from Glasstastic Treasures. Not only is the craftsmanship amazing, but the artist, Jamie, is very sweet and personable.
I love these beads so much. I must have taken them out a dozen times only to put them away because I wasn't sure what to do with them. I finally decided that simple is better since I really wanted to showcase the beads. This is what I made with her amazing beads:

"Boil, boil, toil & trouble..."
Witch's cauldron bead on sterling silver chain accented with peridot and black glass beads.

"Eye See You"
Eyeball beads with red glass briolettes and blue Swarovski crystals.

"Like my manicure?"
Monster fingers on hand-formed ear wires.

I also made this cute little pendant from a witchy pin-up image on Shrinky-Dinks. Remember those? I've been having so much fun with them lately!

"If the broom fits..."
Shrinky-Dink pendant with citrine drop and black glass.

And finally, I made this pendant, which prompted my husband to call me a "spider hypocrite."

"Caught in a Web"
Fire agate and pewter spider charm.

The weeks ahead will be busy getting ready for October. I don't have many big projects planned, but I have many small ideas swimming around in my head. I just hope I have time for it all!

Happy haunting!

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