Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bubbling Cauldron

Last year, I used to post quite frequently at Ghost Droppings. A user by the name of ScreamQueen posted her instructions for making a boiling cauldron. I decided that I needed a new centerpiece for the dining room since I sort of have plans to turn the kitchen/dining area into a witch's kitchen this year.

This project was made with cauldron, spray foam insulation, craft paint, recycled newspapers and a collection of creepy items perfect for a witch's brew. Luckily, with the exception of the foam insulation, I had every thing else on hand.

I stuffed the cauldron with crumpled newspapers.

Then, I sprayed the foam insulation on top of the newspapers, making sure some "spilled" over the side to make it look like the goo was boiling over.

Before adding the creepy ingredients, I let the foam set up for about 20 minutes so that it could support the weight of the bugs, but was still tacky enough to glue them in place.

After curing for 3 hours, I painted the foam a nice, slimy green color.

I think this will make a great centerpiece this year!
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