Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Purchase of the Halloween Season

I made my first official purchases of the Halloween season today. Last year, I got a very early start and purchased from many websites beginning in June, only to find out later than many of the items were sold at the stores for much less than I had paid for them online. This year, I decided to wait until I actually saw Halloween items in the stores before making any purchases. So today, at the big mega-retailer, I found some cool Boris mad scientist flasks filled with bubble solution, a body part and a severed finger bubble wand.

Surprisingly, I found them in the summer clearance, but I will be incorporating them into the mad scientist display after the nieces and nephews use up all the bubbles.

I've also been wanting a black cat for the witch I made last year. I was too late to find anything worth buying last year, so when I saw this black cat today, I decided he needed to come home with me.

Vegas couldn't resist having her picture taken with the newest cat in the house.

Lucky was willing to share.

Sweet Pea was curious, and a little wary that we had brought *another* cat into the house, until she realized it wasn't real. Then she displayed her typical cat aloofness.

My final purchase today is a Heads-up-Harry. I had first seen a nearly life-sized version of him here, but the one I found is just the upper body portion.

I liked the half-sized version much better since I could display him in more setting at the smaller size. I think I might put him in the front flower bed on Halloween night. We'll have to see what the weather is like.

Here he is in action.

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