Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another Halloween Come and Gone

I just turned out the porch light on another Halloween. I had great plans to update the blog more often, but with the big move to a new office building this month, work seemed to take up much of my time. The move also meant there was no time for a company Halloween party. That didn't stop me from making Britta's witch's finger cookies.

I served them on my severed finger platter from etsy seller, foldedpigs.

These cookies are always a hit at work, and this year was no different. The cookies were all devoured by the end of the day.

After work, I rushed home to get the final touches on my decorations. I made sure \ all the lights were dimmed and the candles lit. I filled the potion bottles with "potions" made from hightlighter- tinted water and turned on the black lights. I think the witch's kitchen looks pretty good!

The rest of the dining room and living room were also decorated, candles were lit and lights were dimmed.

My Lemax Spooky Town got downsized this year since the only space available wouldn't accommodate a larger table. I think next year, I may try to rearrange some furniture so I can display everything.

The pumpkins were put out and I took some final pictures outside before the trick-or-treaters arrived.

We didn't have many kids this year. In fact, I was afraid we would only have family since we didn't have any kids until well after 7. In total, we had 33 neighborhood kids plus 8 nieces, nephews and friends.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Hauntingly yours,
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