Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome Halloween Books

I stumbled upon this Halloween book how-to from Dave Lowe Designs. He also has some other pretty cool Halloween goodies, like this lab prop, but I needed some new books for my witch.

I wanted to make two books; one for spells and one for potions. I looked through a box of books intended for the thrift store and found two I thought would work.

I decided the book of potions would have a skull on it, so I sketched out a simplified skull on to a piece of cardboard and cut it out with my craft knife.

For the book of spells, I rummaged around in my scrapbook supplies and found a wooden bat and some tag holders to use for the labels.

Then, with some Mod Podge, I decoupaged some white paper towels over the shapes. Mod Podge is water proof, and that's good since I plan on having these on the porch.
After they were dry, I painted them and added these little scrapbook embellishments. Now, mine aren't nearly as cool as Dave Lowe's, but he's an artist and I'm a geologist, but I'm please with how they turned out!

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Johnny Love said...

Great job! I've definitely enjoyed reading through the blog!